Camila Mosso B.

Service and Experience Designer

Pirate cover and illustration

Children Book Illustration: Pirate the Mutt

Published Artwork

I joined a team of 12 female artists under the name girls for a cause to illustrate a children book. All earnings from the book were be used in aid of the animal shelter “Amigos de Sao Francisco” in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Project’s Instagram

Illustrators involved in the project

I used simple shapes and a vibrant color palette inspired by the reference pictures of the shelter and gave continuity to the illustration by using the same background on both pages. I decided to transition from reality to imagination to give myself more freedom to place the characters in a fantasy setup. I used brushes that simulated chalk or children wax pencils to accompany the loose lines of the drawing.

The book narrates the story of a white street puppy with one black eye whose mom suddenly disappeared. He is found by a woman and taken to a shelter and later in the story he’s adopted by a boy who’s very enthusiastic about pirates.

“Until on a sunny Sunday, a boy dressed as a pirate arrived at the farm. He ran straight to where the dog was and shouted: “Mom, mom, I found my friend!” Holding pirate in his arms.

He even has an eye patch, and together we will create many stories!
Come on, mom, let’s take pirate home! I can’t wait to start creating our memories!”