Camila Mosso B.

Service and Experience Designer

Playing Cards: Cronicas del estallido

Published Artwork

The game intends to narrate political events that happened as a consequence of the Social Outbreak that occurred in Chile he 18th of October of 2019.

The 2 events to illustrate were:

12/11/2019 Court in Antofagasta forbids the police from using rubber bullets to suppress protesters. 

During the protest, there were several cases of people that lost their eyes due to being shot directly on the face by the police. I decided to reinforce this idea by placing an eyeball on the gun of the police. The colors of the uniform are the ones used by the police in Chile.

28/02/2020 The president of Chile announces, without any evidence, that there would be a terrorist attack at the location of the Viña del Mar Festival.

Viña del Mar Festival is known for giving a silver seagull as a price for artists that are very popular among the public. I used the seagull as a center piece in the middle of the fire.

Materials/Software: Papercut, alcohol markers, Adobe Photoshop, Krita